Alex Ruheni

Work Log

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Week of April 3

👨🏾‍🏭 Engineering

  • Started working on Discussions

    • Bootstraped the webapp on the Remix Blues stack
    • Successfully deployed the app to
    • Modeled the first version of the Prisma schema. Link.
    • Created wireframes on paper for the app's flow
    • Created a high-level breakdown of the features into separate GitHub issues.
  • Challenges:

    • Theming and forms with ChakraUI in Remix wasn't straightforward

🔖 Learning

  • chakra-remix-boilerplate by to Andrej. Example template on how to
  • Idea: Start in the Epicenter. Rework Podcast When testing out an idea, strip out the nice-to-have feature and build the core features first. This is something I'll apply on the web app I'm building – focusing on the discussions feature. 🙃